PES 2016 Gamplay dari Maradona V3 Final Version

PES 2016 Gamplay dari Maradona V3 Final Version – Gameplay patch untuk PES 2016 dari Maradona keluar versi finalnya nih sob, Maradona Gameplay Patch 2016 V3.0. Untuk fitur lengkapnya, sob bisa lihat di bawah.

- Full compatibility with  3DM version and Now You can use your favourite .exe
- Compatible with Tattoos mod
- 100% compatible with online and offline modes, with Tuga Vicio and PTE Patch
- Stop through ball spam both AI and User - corrected
- Reduced crossing power´s bal - lcorrected
- Reworked Dynamic and aggresive CPU gameplay -  corrected
- Dynamic and logical speed game (more real)  - corrected
- Shots power and accuracy fixed (more real) -  corrected
- Stamina balancing in players is fixed - corrected
- GKs reactions and positionating - corrected
- Referees now are better in outsides, fouls and cards - corrected
- New freekicks power and path fixed - corrected
- Penalty box - corrected
- Handling ball (Beta)
- Improvement shots and positionating of the players on the pitch
- Impovement physics ball all rebuilded
- Balancing between CPU and User
- Corner Shots both User and CPU fixed

Cara install

1)-Download & Unrar file.
2)Just Copy All files in Pes2016 Installation Folder: C:Program Files (x86)Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
3)Run  your own .exe and Play!