PES 2018 Alternative English Commentary

PES 2018 Alternative English Commentary – Berikut fitur Alternative Englsih Commentary (Jim Beglin & Champion) untuk PES 2018.

Updated Features 4 March 18:

– Commentary pack completely seperate from original English commentary.
– Contains all original Jon Champion & Jim Beglin commentary/callnames from PES 2015.
– Contains new Jon Champion audio to plug the gaps where PES 2018 has audio and PES 2015 did not.
– Contains Jim Beglin audio from PES 2018 to plug the gaps where PES 2018 has audio and PES 2015 did not.
– All original callname audio ID’s re-formatted to allow full compatibility to PES 2018.
– Callname BIN files used in my 2018 callname pack added to this pack so users can swap English commentary teams without losing any prior callname assignments.
– Callnames use Jon Champion audio where available otherwise you will hear Peter Drury’s callnames. There isn’t a way around this without building new Jon Champion audio (which I haven’t the time to do YET) or having empty callnames. With the various messages I have recieved, something is better than nothing so I used Peter Drury audio.

New on 22 March: Just a minor update to “dt43_use_x64.cpk”. The new callnames and callname lists from my English callname pack are now included in this pack.

How to install:
– Remove ‘Preds 2018 Comm JCJB.cpk’ and ‘Preds 2018 Comm JCJB_Extras.cpk’ from your PES2018 Download folder.
– Extract ‘dt41_use_all.cpk’ and ‘dt43_use_x64.cpk’ to your PES2018 Data folder.
– Start the game and go to System Settings > Language and select ‘US English’.