PES 2020 ML Manager Tool V1.0

PES 2020 ML Manager Tool V1.0 – Berikut tampilan dan cara menggunakan PES 2020 ML Manager Tool V1.0 dari Razor87.

How to Use:​

- Click File > Load and select folder which contained Player.bin and SpecialPlayerAssignment.bin files
- Select which type of manager you want to add.
- Select player you want to add as manager by click "Add as Manager" button.
- Click File > Save to save the changes.
- Create CPK or put the saved files into LiveCPK folder. (dir: common\etc\pesdb)


- Please use latest data from latest Liveupdate.
- No need to unzlib the files. Tool can handle both zlibbed and unzlibbed file.
- You need to add mini face file by yourself in "common\render\symbol\coachML" folder for the manager you have added.
- If you add normal player as Manager, he may also appeared as player in ML. If Legend players, normally he will not.
- Checkbox for Legend Player is just for info.
- "Player.bin" and "SpecialPlayerAssignment.bin" files can be found in dt10_x64.cpk, unpack it with CRI Packed File Maker first

PES 2020 ML Manager Tool V1.0

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